1st Mile

Get in touch with the brightest ideas and the best starts ups in Danish cleantech.
1st Mile has specialized in developing cleantech projects. We establish R&D partnerships between companies and research institutes. We raise funding and put the project on tracks.

Our Services:
• Fundraising for Cleantech Projects
• Business Development
• R&D Project Management
• Innovation X-Ray

Contact us if your company is looking for partnerships or wants to learn more about the Danish cleantech sector.

Case: Abeo
”BEST EUROPEAN SPIN-OUT 2013” 1st Mile helped Abeo to raise € 2.5 mio for their patented super light concrete structures.

More than €130.000.000 has
been raised by 1st Mile for
projects and partnerships
In Denmark the drivers for cleantech R&D projects are partially publicly owned funds. Certified private companies manage some of the funds as investments funds on semimarket terms. Other funds, like EUDP and HTF are grant money, which are managed by the government.
1st Mile
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