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A1M Pharma – exploitation of a new protection and regeneration protein

A1M Pharma is a Swedish Biotech company based on the recent discovery of the human protein A1M (its full name is ”alpha-1-microglobulin”) at Lund University. A1M Pharma has patented the powerful protective and regeneration stimulating properties of A1M and intends to exploit this knowledge in a number of medical applications. The main focus of A1M Pharma is to develop diagnostics and treatment of preeclampsia – ”pregnancy poisoning”. The second aim is to develop treatment of acute kidney injuries.

A1M is part of the ”house-keeping” machinery of living organisms, including us humans. The protein keeps tissues and body fluids free from the build-up of toxic waste-products that are produced continuously as ”by-products” of normal metabolism. Many diseases are the result of increased production or impaired excretion of such waste-products. The basic idea of A1M Pharma is to help the body to recover from these diseases by adding A1M as a drug. The researchers have shown in laboratory experiments that A1M-treatment cleans the living cells of organs and their environment allowing the body’s own regeneration-mechanisms to repair damage.

Preeclampsia is a disease of pregnancy and occurs in 3-8% of women carrying a child. The disease affects the blood vessels, liver and kidneys of the mother. Preeclampsia is identified by an increase in blood pressure and appearance of protein, proteinuria, in the urine. There is no way to prevent or treat preeclampsia effectively today so it is now the leading cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality worldwide. A1M Pharma researchers have shown that increased production of toxic waste-products from the fetal blood molecule hemoglobin, which passes in small quantities to the mother through the placenta, is a major cause of the disease. The company is developing a method to diagnose preeclampsia by measuring the concentrations of this hemoglobin in the mother’s blood. This ‘biomarker’ can recognize the onset of preeclampsia very early in the pregnancy, i.e. by the end of the first trimester.

The development of A1M as a drug for treatment of preeclampsia is expected to reach clinical phase in human trials soon. In laboratory experiments, treatment of preeclampsia with A1M has already been successful in reversing symptoms and damage in isolated organs and in living animals (sheep). Strong protective effects were seen in the animals’ kidneys during those experiments and this has been confirmed in studies of different animal species. A1M Pharma has therefore also decided to develop A1M as a drug for the treatment and repair of acute kidney injuries as a second major disease area in addition to preeclampsia.


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