AbbvieAbbVie is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company formed in 2013 following separation from Abbott. AbbVie combines the focus and passion of a leading-edge biotech with the expertise and structure of a long-established pharmaceutical leader. The company’s mission is to use its expertise, dedicated people and unique approach to innovation to develop and market advanced therapies that address some of the world’s most complex and serious diseases. AbbVie aims to help patients live healthier lives and collaborate on sustainable healthcare solutions. In 2013, AbbVie will employ approximately 21,000 people worldwide and markets medicines in more than 170 countries. With a rich, 125-year heritage of developing pharmaceuticals, AbbVie combines the focus and passion of a leading-edge  biotech with the expertise and structure of a long-established pharmaceutical leader. A global enterprise that servespatients in 170 countries.

AbbVie in Norway
AbbVie AS was established in 2013 following the separation from Abbott, and counts today around 70 employees. Our office is located at Snarøya/Fornebu, close to Oslo. AbbVie prides itself on being recognized as a good place to work because we strive to provide an environment that enables employees to succeed. In 2013, AbbVie was ranked for the fifth year in a row as one of the Best places to work in Norway by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Focus on Patients
AbbVie is focused on developing specialty pharmaceuticals that address complex, unsolved health problems, particularly chronic diseases, that now account for 75 percent of all healthcare costs. By developing new specialty treatments that improve patient outcomes, AbbVie and its people are helping to reduce the long-term health and economic impact of these conditions. AbbVie also works to meet the needs of patients beyond medicines by supporting patients as they look to optimize the outcomes of their treatments.

AbbVie’s Approach to Innovation
Making new discoveries and developing them into effective medicines is the foundation the company’s mission and business. To accomplish those goals, AbbVie’s research is guided by a patient-driven research and development (R&D) approach that begins with a deep understanding of the serious diseases that are the company’s focus, as well as carefully evaluating the current needs of patients, payers and regulators worldwide. The company’s scientists focus their work on targets that have the best potential to fundamentally transform the way diseases are treated in the future.

AbbVie is committed to an agile and collaborative approach to innovation, across its seven global R&D and manufacturing sites. The company’s scientists rely on proprietary technologies and methods to help them more quickly advance the most promising compounds from laboratory to clinical trials. AbbVie’s research operates with a collaborative model that seeks to build the pipeline of discoveries from inside and outside the company’s own walls.

A compelling pipeline
AbbVie’s long-term growth will be fueled by a compelling pipeline of 60 compounds in clinical trials – including 20 in late stage clinical trials – as well as new discoveries to address diseases including Hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, plaque psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, spondyloarthropathies, multiple myeloma and endometriosis. AbbVie has doubled the number of compounds in its pipeline since 2006. With these and other products in its compelling pipeline, AbbVie is rapidly developing therapies that have strong clinical performance, patient benefit and economic value.

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