ABC-Maskin AS

Quality machines and equipments for maintenance departments of oil and gas installations

ABC-Maskin AS was founded in 1983. The company is a supplier of tooling machinery, lapping machinery, equipment, measuring tools and measuring machines for the Norwegian industry on- and offshore.

Quality from some of the world’s leading producers

The goal for ABC-Maskin AS is to offer quality products to competitive prices as well as good service and training at all time. To reach this goal ABC-Maskin AS collaborates with, and imports the products from, some of the world’s leading producers.

Training in lapping technique.
In addition to be a supplier of machines and equipment ABC-Maskin AS has specialized in lapping technique. They offer training on how to recondition mechanical seals and valves. ABC-Maskin AS offers a wide range of lapping machines and lapping products from two of the world’s leading producers.


ABC-Maskin AS is a member of Achilles

ABC-Maskin AS
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