ABIGO Medical AB

– An entrepreneurial and fast-growing Swedish pharmaceutical company

ABIGO is a complete pharmaceutical company with integrated R&D, manufacturing and marketing. The headquarters are located in Gothenburg, where we also have our dedicated research laboratory. We have our own manufacturing facility in Askersund. ABIGO has 120 employees and an annual revenue of approximately
SEK 275 million.

ABIGO operates two business areas; pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. The pharmaceutical division comprises a broad range of both prescription- and OTC products while the medical devices division consists of an advanced wound care product line and ENT (ear- nose- throat) products.

ABIGO is focused internationally with an extensive international distribution network. In Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark ABIGO has its own marketing and sales subsidiaries while through a global network of distributors our products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. The international growth of ABIGO has taken place at a significant rate and a rate that will continue to improve. As a dynamic and flexible company with a flat organizational structure ABIGO is positioned to make rapid decisions when assessing emerging opportunities. We actively seek to engage new technology in exciting and new fields  to identify development opportunities. This enables ABIGO to  develop innovative  products that benefit a great number of people. The foundation of our research program  is curiosity and the desire to develop unique, efficient  and safe products. Our research program is an important investment to ensure our sustained future growth and strength.

Our development program and product range is focused on innovative and preferably patent-covered products with international potential.

A focus area and a research priority for ABIGO is infection control.

There is a high risk that within ten years bacteria will develop resistance to most of the currently used antibiotics.  International experts agree that the use of antibiotics must be reduced and other alternatives must be developed, a goal that ABIGO shares and will continue to contribute toward. Our qualified team of researchers is working to develop tomorrow’s products for infection control. A global network of experts, universities and institutes are  intrinsically linked to ABIGOs´ research program, a logical collaboration when pursuing optimum health outcomes.

Sorbact® is a Swedish innovation based on the research results of two leading Swedish professors. The method acts to mimic a natural process that binds and inactivates pathogenic microorganisms without any known side effects.



The largest and most successful application of ABIGOs´ Sorbact® method is in advanced wound care where a broad portfolio of products has been developed.

Advanced wound care currently struggles with bacteria resistance to both antibiotic and antiseptic preparations. The increased antibiotic burden leads to greater costs and a negative environmental impact when these wound products are disposed of.

In contrast, the Sorbact® wound care line offers an effective, safe and environmentally friendly wound healing process. In addition to this, no known side effects or risk of microorganism resistance development has ever been demonstrated, a truly unique combination.

Sorbact® microbial binding dressings prevent and treat wound infections by lowering the bioburden naturally. Microorganisms bind irreversibly to the dressing surface* and are removed at dressing change. Sorbact®Technology is a wound contact surface that is more attractive for microorganisms to bind to then the wound bed The Sorbact® Technology effectively binds bacteria, including multidrug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. Sorbact® will also bind fungi to its surface and thus further reduce the overall bioburden of the wound. Sorbact is positioned to both manage infected wounds and prevent wound infections without relying on the use of cytotoxic agents.  This is important to consider when attempting to decrease the global trend of bacterial resistance.

A recently published randomized, controlled clinical study in 543 patients showed that the risk of surgical site infection after cesarean section is significantly reduced when using Sorbact® Surgical Dressing, compared to a standard dressing. The surgical site infections that nevertheless occurred also had a milder course and required less postoperative treatment resulting in a clearly improved cost-effectiveness.



Sorbact® products are manufactured in ABIGOs´ factory located in Askersund. It is Sweden’s only factory for the manufacturing of advanced wound healing products and was inaugurated in 2008. Dedicated staff with comprehensive skills and experience guarantees the quality of all our products. In addition, the plant assists in our product development, including our in-house design of production equipment. Investments in efficiency ensure that capacity is maintained in keeping with our product’s dramatic expansion, a result credited to the rational and efficient frontline manufacturing. During 2015/16 ABIGO invests SEK 30-40 millions in enlarging the factory and in new equipment.


Quality assurance is important to ABIGO who is certified under ISO 9001:2018 (quality), ISO 14001:2018 (environment) and ISO 13485:2018 (medical devices). As a pharmaceutical company ABIGO is also regulated by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

ABIGO participates at international exhibitions, for example the annual EWMA congress of which we are also a B-sponsor. EWMA (European Wound Management Association), founded in 1991, works by linking wound management associations across Europe and brings together individuals and organizations interested in wound management. In addition to being an educational resource, EWMA organizes conferences, contributes to international projects related to wounds and provides a wide range of information. ABIGO feels that this is a meaningful sponsorship for the company.



ABIGO Medical is an excellent example of Swedish innovations leading to more jobs and steady growth in turnover for the company. Increased exports also lead to greater prosperity.


Abigo2ABIGO is a family owned company, The company was founded in 1989 by the current owners, brothers Jan G. Smith and Leif Smith, both still actively involved in the ABIGO management.

Research and development, innovative & unique products, globalization, growth and sustainability” are the key words for the company

ABIGO Medical AB
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