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University of Turku Geocentrum Aboensis in Turku gathers the geological activities of the geology departments from Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku, Finland.

Geocentrum Aboensis has developed a Master program in bedrock geology called “The Fennoscandian Geology” for students who intend to work with the Precambrian rocks in the future – either within or outside Fennoscandia.

The master program includes courses in mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural geology, economic geology and, of course, the regional geology of the Fennoscandian area. The program also includes laboratory courses, national and international field courses courses and excursions.

Are you interested in the Master program or in cooperation with Geocentrum Aboensis? Please contact Pia Sonck-Koota, geologi@abo.fi

Åbo Akademi University – University of Turku
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