ABSERV INTERNATIONAL was formed in 2007 to provide a service to the oil industry to abandon wells in a safe and efficient manner without subsequent damage to the environment. This could occur in later years due to hydrocarbon leakage to surface through poor placement of abandonment plugs, the wrong type of abandonment plugs and/or a flawed engineering design.

ABSERV INTERNATIONAL’S operational goal is to provide a cost effective solution when abandoning wells. However safety will not be compromised. We are committed to a zero safety culture with a goal of no incidents or accidents.


ABSERV staff have been involved with the design and execution of land wells, platform wells, subsea appraisal and development wells for the past 30 years and have intimate knowledge of well engineering, sub surface issues including rock mechanics, formation strength, casing and completion design, electric log interpretation for identifying top of cement and casing thickness, and wellhead components. ABSERV fully understands well issues and can therefore offer the correct, practical solution for abandoning your wells securely.

ABSERV INTERNATIONAL has the capability of managing the entire abandonment process from review, design, government liaison, writing abandon-ment programmes, cost estimates, risk analysis, HAZID reviews, rig and vessel supply, abandonment programme supervision and execution. New tech-nology will be considered along with safe, innovative abandonment techniques. Lessons learned will be captured and applied to subsequent wells.

ABSERV INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to protecting the environment by using sound engineering principles coupled with rigorous procedures and are committed to carrying out abandonments that will remain intact.

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