Aburgus OÜ



Aburgus is an Estonian (EU) veterans’ owned Risk Management Company that works to mitigate and resolve security issues in today’s unstable environments. The company was founded in 2012.

Our Mission is to advise and support clients in risk management and security solutions while delivering the best possible results.

Aburgus provides effective and creative solutions for problems related to working in difficult environments. We offer the following services across the world:

  • Risk Assessments, Background Checks, Area Evaluations
  • Protection of Personnel, Infrastructure and Vessels
  • Security and Evacuation Planning and Executions
  • Training for Emergency Situations
  • Training for Security and Military Leadership and Tactics etc.



Maritime Security
Aburgus offers fully customized security packages commensurate to the threat level of a particular area. The packages can include a balanced mix of on-site training, operational security tactics, non-lethal counter measures, and armed protection. An Aburgus team can be quickly deployed to a variety of ports within the vicinity of high- risk maritime areas.

Training & Consulting
Aburgus has developed a variety of security and protection related training programs, which include professional lectures, exercises, and drills. Each of the programs is customized according to the client’s particular needs. Our experts can show how to build a cohesive security organization, as well as develop effective preventive security measures. Our military training courses adhere to NATO’s best standards and practices.

Land Based Operations
Aburgus can secure and protect sites, structures, and activities in even the most adverse environments. Our trained teams can coordinate and implement many types of complex operations. These can include protecting valuable shipments, and providing overt, or covert security for meetings, or security for travel or on site, and etc. Simply state your concern, we will work out a solution.


Veerenni 29-9, Tallinn 10135, Estonia
+372 5046 063
24/7: +372 5361 5314