Accommodation at Sea

Accommodation_at_Sea1If your offshore wind project requires more employees than your ship has cabins for, or you are in need of extra office space, we might have the perfect solution for you! 

Accommodation at Sea designs and produces offshore mobile container solutions such as TLQ Temporary Living Quarter, office unit, recreation room, internet rooms, work space etc.


With our focus on the renewable wind energy market and maritime industry, our units can be placed on heavy lift vessels, substations, barges and jack ups.Accommodation_at_Sea3

In house design and production
Using our in house drawing program, we design your mobile container solution from start to end. Adjustments and requirements can be done step by step and in agreement, ending with a solution according to your desires and which meets certification standards. High quality materials are used and maximum fulfillment of the room is achieved.



Lindtsedijk 30, 3336 LE Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands
+31 78 26 00 036