acromion GmbH

acromion GmbH is a German headquartered, privately-owned, full-service, clinical Contract Research Organization. Operating throughout Europe, we provide the full range of clinical research services for biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies.

acromion is the right sized clinical research partner that integrates professional expertise, as well as consultancy aiming at the most suitable trial design and development program for new drug candidates.

Founded in Germany in 2002, our company now offers more than a decade of successful clinical research across all stages of clinical drug development, starting at First-in-Man. Our work has been successfully audited by numerous clients and inspected by the competent German authorities.


Clinical Trial Experience
acromion has conducted a significant number of clinical trials across a wide range of indications and the early phase development of various biotherapeutics in

• cardiovascular diseases
• dermatology, endocrine disorders and metabolism
• gastroenterology, gynaecology, immunology incl. mABs
• infectious diseases , musculoskeletal diseases
• neurology & psychiatry
• oncology & haemato-oncology incl. mABs
• respiratory diseases, ENT, urology
• orphan diseases and ATMPs

Clinical Trial Services
• consultancy in design and concept development
• development of efficient trial conduct strategies
• trial feasibility assessment
• budget and contract management
• clinical trial design and conduct
– clinical monitoring
– regulatory applications
– data management, EDC, coding
– biostatistics, analysis and reporting
• pharmacovigilance
• quality management
• management of auxiliary parties i.e. EDC, clinical supplies, expert boards, etc.

Acromion2A highly professional and experienced team
Our specific corporate know-how in medicine and clinical research, the international background plus our expertise in early phase trials, particularly with innovative biologics, translates into a quality experience for supporting your activities.

Our specialization provides our customers with:
• Access to a team with extensive experience in clinical research
• A single contract partner with expanded geographical reach
• Team members with true clinical understanding of diseases and investigational agents
• Experience in managing early phase trials
• Close working relationships with expert investigators

The fluctuation rate is minuscule providing sponsors and investigative sites with stable and well-practiced study teams. Such stability supports that experience and knowledge gained over years in various therapeutic indications, with many different agents, with our customers and investigators remain within the company and conduce to success of future trials and projects.

Europaallee 27-29, 50226 Frechen, Germany
+49 2234 2037370