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– An ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Life Science

In mid-2013 Acturum Development AB acquired the Research and Development facilities at AstraZeneca in Södertälje. One part of the premises is being transferred into a campus area with educational and research programs from KTH and Campus Telge the other part is Biovation Park with a main focus on life science.

Södertälje is located south-west of Stockholm, with good communications by road and public transport, including three airports within easy access. The port of Södertälje is the logistic hub of Stockholm and the greater Stockholm region.

The assets of Biovation Park include over 70 000 square meters of top notch laboratory facilities, offices as well as research equipment, a large number of chemicals and an Acturum-owned portfolio of 14 drug projects in various stages of development. The instrument park ranges from basic laboratory equipment such as centrifuges, incubators, microscopes, HPLCs and balances to advanced instruments such as an MRI, 2 NMR machines, LC-MS/MS, capsule filling and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Even smaller items such as laboratory glassware and pipets are available and therefore, laboratory work can get started immediately without large capital investments. Laboratories are available for various life science activities such as chemical synthesis in small and larger scale, analytical work, pharmaceutical manufacturing, cell culturing, biology, electrophysiology, histology, pharmacology, imaging, stability testing and storage.

Early on, the municipality of Södertälje attracted Uppsala Innovation Center (UIC) the number 18 academic incubator in the world to establish themselves in the Biovation Park to provide new companies with professional business support. Many people have already taken the opportunity to test and shape their entrepreneurial ideas here. Biovation Park provides start-up companies and researchers with easy access to laboratory facilities and equipment with tailored service, from practical guidance with regulations to joint access to electronic journals and databases.

Today, 35 companies and academic groups have been established at Biovation Park. We have two institutes, SP Process Development, focussed on chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical process development and Swetox, a national platform for research and education in toxicology and related sciences. Södertälje hospital is growing to become a regional hospital and is strengthening their academic research and two research groups have established their activities in Biovation Park. We are direct neighbours to world-class production facilities of AstraZeneca and Cobra Bio. Already now we see a fantastic engagement and interaction between the people at Biovation Park, as well as with other life science colleagues in Sweden, leading to collaborations and joint assignments.

In Biovation Park companies and researchers become part of a network, making good use of each other’s competence and creating synergies between them and for their customers. Acturum Development AB aims to attract public and private investors to continue the drug development projects into later stages. The current and future competence at Biovation Park together with collaborator researchers will provide a life science alliance across the entire value chain to run these project in an efficient way.

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