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ADEDE Search & Recovery provides worldwide geophysical and UXO services for the purpose of finding and recovering unexploded ordnance prior to seabed intrusion. Our customers are offshore contractors, dredging companies, energy companies and heritage authorities. We specialise in UXO survey, UXO identification and clearance but also archaeological survey and research. We have a team of highly trained and skilled specialist geologists, geophysisists, archaeologists and UXO experts. All our staff are certified to work in UXO infested environments and are regularly trained and briefed to ensure the lastest knowledge is second nature to them. We are ISO-9001, OHSAS 18001 and WSCS-OCE (NL) certified.

Adede_Search_&_Recovery3Offshore UXO Survey
For offshore surveys we deploy side scan sonar, multibeam sonar, magnetometry and eletromagnetometry or EM. In order to work as efficiënt as possible we use these survey methods simultaneously. It means less sails for data gathering and an accurate positioning of anomalies found on and underneath the sea floor. The datas we produce allow us to make an initial preselection of objects that require further investigation by our dive team. A disgarded tyre or oil drum for example could have a magnetic signature similar to UXO. The side scan or multibeam image enables us to exclude harmless obstacles from inspection by divers and focus on the suspect UXO targets. In circumstances that do not allow a diving operation we have our own ROV at our disposal for closeup inspection, identification and preparation for safe removal of UXO. Recently we aquired an ROTV (Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle) allowing us to combine highly productive data gathering with seabed following capabilities to ensure costeffective and consistent data quality.

Nearshore UXO Survey
For areas inaccessible for a vessel towed side scan or magnetometer we deploy our Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or AUV’s. These are equipped to perform simultaneous side scan and magnetometer surveys with the combined dataset as a result. The AUV’s are suited to survey in shallow water and confined areas. The fact that our AUV’s navigate at a set depth over the seabed ensures they gather very consistent magenetometry data, adding to the value of the AUV as a survey vehicle. Worldwide we are amongst the most experienced companies that use the AUV for UXO surveys.

Onshore UXO Survey
For the areas where pipes and cables reach shore and beyond we perform land based magnetometry, electromagnetometry and Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR surveys. The data will reveal obstacles that could potentially be a hazard to the safety of men and assets.

Maritime Archaeology
Construction sites listed as offshore heritage areas are required to be assessed for the presence of objects or features of archeaological value. Our side scan data are checked for archaeology by our maritime archaeologists and advice on consequences for construction in the area of interest will be communicated to our customers. If a full archaeological investigation is required we can provide the full service.

Specialist observers
ADEDE provides specialist UXO service for projects in areas with UXO risk but where no survey and clearance has taken place. They have expert knowledge on how to deal with UXO that is dredged up, have knowledge of local laws regarding UXO and they advise on procedures that ensure a safe dredging operation in areas with UXO risk. Likewise where applicable we provide maritime archaeologists who deal with proper registration and processing of finds made during dredging operations.  We have observed dredging operations worldwide and we can have experts on standby to troubleshoot sudden UXO problems, either by identifying and guiding by means of imagery or by joining our customer’s crew as quickly as possible to ensure continuation of work in the safest possible way.


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