The ADSI is a research enterprise that offers screening services for pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions. The focus of the ADSI is on the use of sophisticated and predictive cell-based test systems for hit-to-lead development, toxicology and “mode of action” studies in vitro. Advanced liquid chromatography separation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS) provide the basis for analyses of various kinds of samples by means of metabolomics and proteomics approaches. Focused libraries are tested using this innovative approach that allows a reliable screening for bioactive compounds in natural products. Metabolomic and proteomic analyses facilitate the identification of compounds and pathways mediating the biological activity in cellular test systems. Biological and analytical data are processed using sophisticated bioinformatics tools and are then combined into comprehensive data sets.

Development of custom screening models
The main goal is the development of tailor-made in-vitro assays to mimic human tissue in vivo. The use of human cell based culture systems provides for more predictable and clinically relevant results. The in vivo-like in vitro models are used for high-content screening of focused libraries of natural compounds. Automated microscopy, multiplexing readouts, metabolomics and proteomics allow the detection of molecules of interest, their changes during incubation with active substances and give a hint on the “mode of action” of particular substances. Biological and analytical data are processed using sophisticated bioinformatics tools and are combined into comprehensive data sets providing reliable basis for the selection of drug candidates for later stages of drug development.

High Content Screening
Robotics and automation are applied to achieve a maximal information gain from a single experiment. Continuous monitoring with state-of-the-art analytical and optical methods enables measurement of multiple cellular parameters influenced by test substances including cell communication and transmission of signals. Metabolomics and proteomics analyses (LC-MS) facilitate the identification of compounds and pathways causing or mediating the biological activity in the cellular test systems. Acquired data from all systems are stored in the database for further analyses.

Metabolomics and Proteomics
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of various natural products as well as biological samples are performed using state-of-the-art equipment. Tailor-made sample enrichment strategies in combination with near infrared spectroscopy (SE-NIR) followed by optimized separation technologies coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry provide the basis for detailed insights.

Extraction of natural compounds
State-of-the-art extraction methods facilitate the preparation of bioactive substance mixtures, such as plant extracts. Sophisticated extraction protocols are used for individual plants to optimize the composition of pharmacologically active ingredients. The fractionation of extracts using modern chromatography techniques allows the rapid isolation and characterisation of molecules of interest.

Services offered:
1. Development of custom human cell test systems
2. Efficacy testing
3. Toxicity and bioavailability testing
4. High-content screening by automated microscopy
5. Flow cytometry and cytokine production read-outs
6. Metabolomics and proteomics
7. Extraction and enrichment of natural compounds


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