AF Offshore

AF Offshore is a European leader in the removal, demolition and recycling of offshore installations and a Norwegian leader in the maintenance and modification of onshore facilities. We undertake new building, modification and maintenance work related to HVAC, cranes, modules and rig services.

By combining our project expertise and our entrepreneurial spirit from both onshore and offshore-based projects, we find cost-effective and secure solutions for our clients.

Removal and recycling
We are European leaders in the removal and recycling of decommissioned offshore installations. Our specialized engineers and operators undertake the most challenging removal assignments in the North Sea and process the materials at Europe’s most modern and environmentally viable reception facility for decommissioned offshore installations in Vats. We provide expertise within technical studies and environmental surveys of hazardous waste.

Marine & Rig service
We provide maintenance, classification and upgrading of drilling vessels at our own deep water dock at AF Miljøbase Vats. AF provides personnel for the follow-up of maintenance, classification and upgrading of rigs.

AF is a leading supplier of HVAC systems for vessels and rigs. Services include everything from the installation of complete HVAC systems to modification and service.

Yards & Construction
AF Offshore has access to two dock facilities; AF Miljøbase Vats in Rogaland and a dock facility in Mandal. AF Miljøbase Vats is Europe’s leading reception facility for decommissioned offshore installations. The dock facility is an approved ISPS terminal/harbour. The facility includes expertise, mooring facilities and fendering and is equipped to receive floating mobile rigs and drilling vessels. The dock in Mandal includes facilities and expertise for the construction and assembly of offshore components.

MMO – Maintenance, modification and operations
AF Offshore is a multi-disciplinary supplier that provides maintenance and modification services offshore and onshore. We have the country’s foremost experts on HVAC services and have expertise in remotely controlled cranes, drilling equipment and steel structures. Services include everything from conceptualizing to installation and completion. We have long-term framework agreements with operators such as Statoil and ConocoPhillips.

AF Offshore undertakes operation, maintenance and modification in building and construction, HVAC, electrical, instrument, piping and other mechanical disciplines, as well as engineering at onshore facilities such as Kårstø, Kollsnes, Mongstad, Nyhamna and Melkøya.

AF Offshore is a part of AF Gruppen and comprises the companies AF Decom Offshore, Mollier, Aeron, 5D and AF Offshore Mandal.
AF has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

AF Offshore
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