AGA Region Europe North offers fast and reliable deliveries with strategically located supply points.


AGA, which is member of The Linde Group, has been one of the main suppliers of industrial-, process, healthcare and specialty gases to the offshore segment since the start of the oil extraction period.

We have contributed by being the gas company with the highest availability and flexibility due to products, transportation and depots around the North Sea bassin. We are proud to say that we are represented at all major offshore bases with racks, offshore cryo tanks and storage tanks for liquid nitrogen. AGA in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are, in addition to BOC in United Kingdom and Linde Gas Benelux in Netherlands, all part of serving the offshore activities and meeting the gas related offshore demands in the area.

AGA is continuously developing equipment and services in close cooperation with the biggest players in the North Sea. Already in 2007 AGA introduced the 300 bar solution for gas cylinders and manifold/transportation racks. Offshore racks containing 16, 48 and 64 cylinders are available- all pressured at 300 bar oxygen at 200 bar! AGA has substantially increased the capacity and deliveries of liquid air gases to the offshore industry the previous years with two additional production sites, one at Kårstø and one in Mo i Rana. In addition a new 300 bar filling plant for cylinders and racks in Stavanger was ready for production in 2014.





Aga_02The main products delivered for the offshore segment are:

• Liquid nitrogen for inerting and pressure testing
oil- and gas offshore installations and refineries
– AGA LIN Services
• Nitrogen in cylinders and manifold racks
– 200 and 300 bar
• Helium and helium mixtures in cylinders and manifold racks – 200 and 300 bar
• ODOROX® odorized oxygen – cylinders and manifold/transportation racks
• Acetylene (cylinders and manifold racks)
• Argon and argon mixtures- cylinde rs and manifold/transportation racks
• All cylinders and racks are equipped with AGA’s unique ICC® (individual cylinder control), which gives full traceability and overview for our customers
• Offshore cryo tanks for air gases
• Vaporizer-containers for high and extreme high
flow rates

Contact us with your gas related demands and we will come up with solutions!

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