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Agenturhuset wast treatment equipmentAgenturhuset is a leading company in the field of waste treatment equipment.

We are total suppliers of waste solutions, and exclusive representatives for Europe’s most advanced producers.

Our clients include leading chains in a number of sectors, such as shopping centres, stores, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, the fishing industry, shipping, property companies, oil companies, and municipal and government authorities and institutions.

Our solutions mean, above all, that our clients no longer pay for the transport of air.

In addition, the client’s working environment is improved while sorting at source helps to increase the volume of recycled waste.

We have been in this business a long time, and it is with some pride that we can report that compactors supplied in the eighties are still making our customers happy!

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From waste to energy


Pack-Station PS 800
Waste compactor with rotating drum in a cubic PE-bag

Roto-Compactors, invented by BERGMANN, are an unique alternative for an efficient and CONTINUOUS waste collection directly at the place where waste is generated. For over 20 years, they have contributed with the highest compaction rates to minimize the costs of waste handling. Special characteristics of the Roto-Compactors are quiet, low-maintenance hydraulic drive, compaction in PE bags on standard pallets, minimised space requirements and a high quality standard of a product with a well-developed technology and design.

Agenturhuset foodgrinder 

Working process

  1. Simple and continuous filling via the large-dimensioned filling chute.
  2. Collection, crushing and compaction of the waste by a rotating special roller.
  3. The highly compacted waste is in a PE bag, fitted before, with a standard pallet underneath, and can be removed easily with a hand-operated lift truck.
  4. The waste bundle, ready to be used, can be comfortably driven to the collection site



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