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Agito specializes in the modeling, analysis and simulation of dynamic electro-hydraulic, mechanic and fluid systems. We have been helping engineers with their dynamic simulation needs for more than 12 years, providing support at all project levels from initial studies to final testing,  verification and Green, Brown Field Asset Integrity analysis. We also provide training in hydraulics, dynamic simulation and simulation software.

Our primary goal is to enable our clients to accurately analyze the dynamic as well as monitor the behavior of the system. To achieve this, we use and distribute SimulationX® software – a product that meets the specific needs of the offshore / subsea industry.

Using SimulationX® software, one can test a system virtually before putting it into a real life test and  production. Various alternative solutions can be tested, and the results will form the basis for choosing the components and dimensions to be used. The process of simulation is a supplement that helps engineers to cost-effectively design a better product.

SimulationX® software, developed by ITI GmbH, is the trend-setter in physical system simulation and makes these tasks easier. It is unique in terms of its library integration, modelling comfort and flexibility with an up-to-date user front end.
SubSea specific libraries

Agito and their software partner ITI have jointly developed subsea libraries with ready to use standard hydraulic and electrical component models including:

SubSea Hydraulics Library:
Mechanical elements such as;
HPU’s Umbilical Hoses
Pipe elements
Gate and control valves

SubSea Electrical Library:
Work-over or BOP control systems
Multiphase Flow Meters
Electrical power units
Umbilical cable elements
Modems & Transformers

When using a tool with generic libraries and a graphical interface, a good understanding of the system and of the individual components is much more important than detailed mathematical knowledge. This feature has enabled SimulationX® software to become the software of choice for complex dynamic analysis in the offshore/subsea industry.

We can complete simulation projects for you, provide project engineers or supply software and training where required – customized to your specific needs.

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