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Industrial Solutions
AH Industries A/S is known around the world for creating precision products for corporations in the wind turbine, cement and mineral industry and marine and offshore industry.

Industrial Solutions is an independent business unit within AH Industries. We have many years of experience of serving the Cement & Mineral industry. With a solid base comprising expertise in metal-working alongside our know-how and high-tech equipment, Industrial Solutions supply products and solutions to the cement and mineral industry and marine and offshore industry.

Our specially trained Value Engineers are ready to tackle any challenges which our industry may confront us with. Our engineers and technicians are proud to work together with our customers to help solve the most complex technical problems.

Your Applied Technology & Solutions partner
AH Industries is much more than a traditional supplier. We are a financially and professionally strong solutions partner with a wealth Of state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips. We are familiar with the needs of our customers and can help them enhance their products to make them both more economical and longer lasting.

In addition to the many components we are able to do our own manufacturing at our production plants, we have a large network of collaboration partners that enables us to source and assemble any components needed by customers. In order to secure the best solutions for customers, we have purchasing and supplier inspection departments in every region around the world – three in Europe, one in the Middle East, three in China and one in US under our North America logistics centre in Kansas City. We can put together whole packages and supply all the necessary parts in the right order, in the right place at the right time. We have been doing so for years.

We are also happy to handle the transport process at our customers’ chosen location. That means they no longer need to deal with a whole range of subcontractors. Instead, all they need to do is to contact AH Industries – we will deal with the rest.

AH Industries AH Industries AH Industries
AH Industries
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