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Pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, actuators, tools and machinery, electrical material

Customized Solutions
Ahlsell is Norway’s leading wholesaler of pipes, pipe components and valves designed for industry and shipbuilding. The company has more than 70 years’ experience in the supply of quality, custommade solutions. Its customers are among the world’s foremost actors within their respective market niches.

Ahlsell Norge has an objective of offering solutions that include performance beyond the ordinary trade of traditional goods in stock.

Technical Department
We have a technical department that manufactures complete solutions and modules, often based on components in stock. The technical department is responsible for the enginering of remote control systems for valves as well as the development and production of a combined valve chest, blind flanges, a quickclosing cabinet and a water trap of own design.

By initiating a dialogue with our customers early in the building process, we can help you reach costeffective solutions profiting both the shipyard and shipowner.

Customers & Products
From our new central-stock in Norway, we are able to deliver custom-made total solutions to shipyards in all parts of the world with short delivery times. Our company’s success in recent years includes exports to: Poland – Russia – Romania – Canada – United States – Chile – Brazil – India – Iran – Singapore – Korea – China.

Our well-stocked warehouse is full of all required pipe qualities for the shipbuilding industry, and most of the required DIN and ASTM standard valve qualities. We also have a full sortimented sock for tools and electrical products and components.

As a group our employees represent several hundred years of experience in the building of supply vessels, seismic vessels, tugboats, chemical tankers, fishing vessels and Ro-Pax vessels. The Ahlsell employees and their expertise are what make the company unique.

Ahlsell AS. Photo: Diane Groves

Ahlsell AS
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