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Photo: ShutterstockPioneering Water Technologies
Airwatergreen specializes in energy efficient water technology. Our solutions acknowledges a world where energy is becoming increasingly expensive. Our vision is to set a new standard for humidity treatment and to make water from air a realistic solution for people in water-stressed regions.

The CMCR Technology
At the core of our business is CMCR, a unique condensing technology that uses heat to turn humid air into liquid water and dry air. The ability to use heat opens the possibility to utilize solar or waste heat instead of electricity for humid air treatment. Solar and waste heat is significantly cheaper than solar electricity or even grid electricity. A switch from electricity to heat will ease pressure on both costs and carbon emissions all over the world. Since electricity can easily be transformed into heat CMCR can of course also run on electricity if necessary.

AWD – A New Era of Humidity Treatment
AWD is a new product aiming at setting a new standard for removal of humidity from indoor air.

  • AWD condenses humidity into water that is easily discarded in the nearest drainage. This way the user can reduce ventilation. By reducing ventilation new inflow of humidity is reduced as well as heating costs.
  • AWD maintains equal energy efficiency in all temperatures in contrast to all competition. It needs an equal amount of energy for condensing 1 kg of water from the air in -20C as in +30C. Hence, the lower the temperature, the greater advantage with AWD.
  • AWD can run on heat which opens the possibility to capitalize on residual heat from industries or solar heat from sunlight.

Water From Air
A global water crisis is in the making. An increasing demand for water is coming from rapid population growth combined with vast changes in lifestyles across the planet. At the same time our water base is shrinking due to heavy over-exploitation of natural water sources.

Airwatergreen ABThe atmosphere is the world’s most available water resource but at the same time least accessible. The idea to use the atmosphere as a water resource is not new, but its availability has continued to escape those who do not have access to cheap grid electricity. Ironically, those who lack sufficent water supply often also lack an electricity grid connection.

The world needs stand-alone, sustainable water solutions, but solar-derived electricity is still not cheap enough to carry sustainable water production for the masses. However, heat is. Solar heat has a cost efficiency several times better than solar electricity.

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Airwaterwell – Tapping the World’s Most Available Water Resource
A recent report from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) concludes that Airwaterwell has considerable potential as a mean towards poverty alleviation and health improvements in water stressed regions. The technology presents positive returns even as a small-scale project without economies-of-scale and externalities.

Each cent invested in Airwaterwell could generate up to seven cents back in terms of:

  • Decreasing under-five years mortality rate
  • Saving time by producing water in proximity of the household
  • Increasing workforce and educational efficiency by decreasing sick-days
  • By-passing possible groundwater contamination
  • If Airwaterwell units are distributed only towards children, returns are expected to rise above seven times the initial investment
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