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Akvaplan-niva ASAkvaplan-niva AS is one of the leading private research and consultancy companies in the field of aquaculture and water environments. The company cooperates closely with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and other national and international experts and institutions. Akvaplan-niva has its head office in Norway but is represented with local offices in its main markets.

Aquaculture Services Worldwide
Akvaplan-niva’s aquaculture professionals provide a comprehensive range of services to clients worldwide:

  • Investors and fish farmers:
    • Site surveys, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies, financial advice, design and construction supervision, start-up assistance, staff training and management
  • Fish farmers:
    • Monitoring and improvement of management and environmental practices, technical inspections of sea farms
  • Private companies and research organizations:
    • Developing new aquaculture concepts and technologies for commercial production of new aquaculture species (“from laboratory to commercial scale”)
  • Authorities and non-governmental organizations:
    • Design, construction supervision and management of research facilities
  • Regional and national authorities:
    • Development of aquaculture masterplans and integrated coastal zone management strategies with focus on sustainable aquaculture

Extensive Expertise
Akvaplan-niva ASAkvaplan-niva’s international staff has hands-on experience with a number of cold and warm water species in aquaculture, including: salmon, trout, tilapia, sea bream, sea bass, cod, wolffish, halibut, turbot, groupers, sole, eel and shrimp.

Since 1984, Akvaplan-niva has carried out thousands of aquaculture-related assignments. Recent international projects include:

  • Feasibility studies for aquaculture in South Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, and Spain, including searching for professional farm managers, key personnel and investors
  • Planning, design and construction supervision of hatcheries and on-growing farms for cod and wolffish in Norway and Iceland
  • Design and construction of national aquaculture research and extension stations in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and the United States
  • Environmental impact assessments for aquaculture activities in the Adriatic region
  • Development of monitoring guidelines and modeling tools for environmental effects from European aquaculture (research and policy support projects for the EU)
  • Development of guidelines for integrated coastal zone management in Croatia with special focus on aquaculture
  • R&D projects on marine aquaculture species such as cod, sole, turbot, halibut and wolffish financed by EU-CRAFT, national & international research organizations, and private aquaculture companies

Akvaplan-niva ASAkvaplan-niva offers a wide range of environmental consultancy, monitoring and research services. Services for the petroleum industry include environmental monitoring studies, survey design, impact assessments and risk analyses, ecotoxicological testing, oil spill contingency planning and sensitivity mapping.

Environmental Monitoring
Since 1989, Akvaplan-niva has carried out more than 70 major offshore monitoring surveys for oil and gas companies. These assignments include environmental baseline and monitoring surveys in the vicinity of offshore installations in temperate and arctic regions. Samples are processed and analysed in-house, at the company’s NS-EN ISO/ISE 17025 accredited laboratories. Akvaplan-niva’s survey experience ranges from coastal waters to deep (>1000m) sea.

Environmental Impact Assessments & Risk Analyses
Akvaplan-niva performs Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Risk Analyses (ERA) related to off- and onshore oil and gas activities like drilling, shipping, construction of pipelines, decommissioning, and harbor and land terminal development. The company provides environmental appraisals, pre-entry screenings and resource surveys to support oil and gas companies’ moving into new regions.

Akvaplan-niva ASOil Spill Contingency Planning & Environmental Sensitivity Mapping
The identification of sensitive areas and vulnerable resources is a major activity in EIA, ERA and oil spill contingency planning. Akvaplan-niva provides services at all levels, including field inventories, sensitivity indexing, mapping and contingency planning.

Research on Arctic Ecosystems’ Sensitivity to Oil and Gas Activities
To provide scientific advice on the sensitivity of Arctic ecosystems to petroleum operators, Akvaplan-niva performs ecotoxicological testing of oil and chemicals on marine arctic organisms including fish. Experiments are carried out at laboratory facilities on Svalbard and mainland Norway, providing test conditions that resemble as close as possible the natural environment.

Design of Guidelines
Akvaplan-niva’s broad experience with environmental monitoring in marine and limnic environments is also used to assist oil and gas companies and authorities in developing and harmonizing environmental guidelines and regulations, such as standards for sampling and sample analyses, guidelines for offshore monitoring and handbooks for oil spill cleanup.

Multidisciplinary Expertise and International Experience
Akvaplan-niva’s head office and analytical laboratories are located in Tromsø, Norway. The company has a subsidiary based in Murmansk (Russia) and local offices in Iceland, France and Spain. It has a diversified international staff of some 65 biologists, ecologists, chemists and geologists. Akvaplan-niva has extensive experience with assignments in the North Atlantic region and northwest Russia, but is also active in other parts of the world.

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