Kromasil by AkzoNobelKromasil by AkzoNobel


Kromasil – At the service of the pharmaceutical industry
Kromasil is a totally spherical, high performance silica for HPLC purification of many substances, from the smallest organic compound to multi kDa proteins, in analytical up to industrial process scale separation.

Kromasil is offered with various surface chemistries to be used in most chromatographic modes, including reversed phase, normal phase, supercritical fluid chromatography or chiral chromatography. For all chemistries and column sizes available, check our website.

Kromasil by AkzoNobelWe care about your process
For over 25 years, our business concept has been to provide the industry with superior HPLC silica for the best performance and economy in the purification of pharmaceuticals. We know how dramatically the economy of your total process can be improved by using the right silica under the right conditions.

Kromasil has founded its reputation on an outstanding mechanical stability that allow it to withstand repetitive repacking in DAC systems without loss of efficiency or back pressure increase. Also, its chemical stability will allow you to run many injections cycles on the same packing material. Furthermore the specially engineered silica particles provide a very high available surface that ensures a high selectivity and loadability. These are the major properties that will help you leverage your process economy.

With Kromasil comes a dedicated partner that will assist you in all matters from the packing of DAC columns to all aspects of silica utilization, as well as process development and optimization.
The production of Kromasil is ISO 9001 certified and we are proud of the batch-to-batch reproducibility that has been achieved for decades.

We care about your lab
Kromasil has also its place in your lab. Not only for lab-scale process development but also for all-purpose analysis. Kromasil columns are well known for their robustness and long lifetime.

That is why, with diameters from 2.1 mm to 50 mm, they are popular as analytical and semi-prep columns.

With a particle size down to 1.8 μm, small-sized Kromasil columns will comfortably fit in UHPLC instruments for extremely fast methods.
As we usually say, some things are too important to let anybody pack. Therefore, all Kromasil columns are prepared by our care; individually packed and tested with full traceability.

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