Åland Maritime Safety Center

Åland Maritime Safety Center

The Åland Maritime Safety Center has now been in business for over 10 years. We are the leading STCW training provider in the Baltic Sea area and we exclusively provide marine safety training and extensive firefighting training at the same locations in Mariehamn All our courses are in accordance with the STCW2010 and approved by the swedish maritime authority Transportstyrelsen.

We use the latest equipment in our very modern premises that complies with the latest international safety and environmental demands.

Our instructors are professional navigators, engineers, fire fighters and nurses. You can be sure that your crew is getting the latest information available from experienced sailors. Nothing compares to training that comes from real life onboard. All of our instructors have more than 10 years of experience in the business.

Travelling to Mariehamn, Åland, is easy. More than 20 ferries are en route to the Åland Island per day and since we are enjoying Tax-Free onboard the ferries, the cost is very affordable. Flight time from Stockholm, Arlanda is abt 30 minutes.

We are only four hours, by ferry and bus, from Stockholm. Situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea where we have the right surroundings to train your crew and officers. Awareness of the open sea prepares your crew for the unexpected.

We have abt 1700 crew and officers attending our training courses per annum. Please visit our website to find out more how also your company can benefit from our facilities and training in Mariehamn.

We are a full member of the IASST.


Åland Maritime Safety Center
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