Alandia Marine

Alandia Marine is the marine insurance unit of the Alandia Group, an Åland Islands based insurance group founded in 1938, catering marine insurance services for mainly Swedish and Finnish ship-owners.

We have over the years developed a unique knowledge of the shipping industry’s needs for marine insurance. Today, we are present in almost all countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, even though our roots remain in the Åland Islands.

Marine insurance is characterised by security and safety. Safety in form of commitment, reliability and stability and service in form of understanding, swiftness and competence. Alandia Marine focuses on these criteria and acts as a long-term insurer, offering marine insurance solutions tailored for the customer’s individual needs. We are placing our resources and technical, nautical and juridical expertise at our insured ship-owners disposal.

Alandia Marine offer a full range of insurance products including hull & machinery, hull interests, loss of hire, war risks as well as P&I insurance for smaller tonnage and others.

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