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Alexotech1Synthetic and recombinant polypeptides
Alexotech is a biotechnology company established in 2005, specialized within the field of amyloid research, with a specific focus on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. We manufacture custom-based peptides including conjugation with most of the commercially available probes such as site-specific phosphorylation, single-site 15N,13C isotope-labeled residues, fluorescent probes, KLH and HRP.

Through a proprietary platform for recombinant production of polypeptides Alexotech manufacture recombinant amyloid β peptides as well as α-synucleins. The recombinant technique generates peptides with a superior homogeneity, as compared to synthetic analogues, which minimizes irregularities and batch to batch variations and is the primary choice where a high-end result is desired.

The recombinant technique facilitates 13C and 15N labeling and Alexotech therefore also offer several products with a uniform isotope labeling. Apart from catalogue products Alexotech provide custom based production of different amyloid β peptides and α-synucleins where isotope-labeling also is an option.

Traditional and oligomer-specific antibodies for amyloid research
The use of antibodies is fundamental within essentially all molecular biology research. Alexotech offer a spectrum of antibodies frequently used within amyloid research. In addition to traditional antibodies, Alexotech has recently launched a selection of monoclonal oligomer-specific antibodies, targeting both amyloid β and α-synuclein, which selectively binds the soluble oligomeric assemblies known to be associated with a high cytotoxic propensity and where these antibodies constitute useful research tools with many interesting applications.

Antigen design and production
Generation of novel antibodies is a continuous process and Alexotech frequently produce peptides and proteins for immunization purposes. Apart from manufacturing all the required material for immunization, including  peptides, proteins and conjugation to a carrier protein where applicable, we may also assist with a structure based peptide-design to increase the chances of acquiring antibodies with the desired properties. Alexotech here offer design and production protein antigens including multiple epitope chimeric-proteins which greatly enhance the chances of acquiring the desired antibodies.

Custom-based assay-design
Our long experience within the field of protein and peptide research including development of highly sensitive immunological assays, enables a close collaboration with the customer where Alexotech can provide both technical assistance regarding analysis as well as contract-service regarding development of novel reagents and new assays. Our ambition is to fulfil the specific requirements by the customers where we together find the best solution.
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