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Alfa – More than 80 years of excellence in high quality footwear
Alfa has since the company was established in Norway in 1931, maintained a long tradition of manufacturing high quality footwear for skiing, hunting, mountaineering, work and military use. Millions of offi cers and soldiers have experienced our products in their meeting with the Norwegian and international military forces.

The Norwegian Defense Forces consider Alfa as their competence center in connection with new and innovative shoe developments and have been their main supplier of shoes and boots for more than 40 years. Alfa is presently the only manufacturer in Scandinavia with license from W.L. Gore to use Gore-Tex®-lining in their military footwear and supplies a variety of styles for military use: Regular nonmembrane marching boots, Gore-Tex® combat boots for the Special Forces as well as boots specially designed for F16-pilots among others.

We know that unless your feet function well, you will not feel well. Comfortable footwear capable of withstanding extreme conditions is some of the most important equipment you can bring with you on any trip. We work very closely with users reluctant to compromise their standards and our test teams carry out comprehensive testing before our shoes are launched in the market.

If we can satisfy the expectations of the most demanding users, be it in extremely hot, dry, cold or wet conditions, we are confi dent that you will be satisfi ed with our products too!

Extreme footwear demands continuous product development
In Alfa’s opinion, good design revolves around offering footwear that provides the end user a great experience: Boots that eliminate blister-causing slippage, yet offer outstanding support and stability, are easy to fasten up and keep your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.

To develop a new boot is a long-term process that involves multiple sketches, prototypes and testing.

By setting focus on every minute detail of the boot’s construction, we have through more than 80 years of experience managed to achieve the high quality for which Alfa is renowned.

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