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Alimak Hek ABThe Alimak Hek Group is the world’s leading supplier of mast climbing equipment with added value services for both temporary and permanent installations. They provide the most cost efficient, reliable, and flexible vertical access solutions for people and materials in the construction and general industry.

Designed and built to withstand the extreme conditions of the world’s toughest environments, Alimak elevators today rank at the top-of-the list in the offshore, ports, metals & steel, cement, power and mining industries. Users of Alimak access and service elevators in less demanding environments also win from our high technical experience that builds on delivering our products to users from the Antarctic to the Sahara.

Alimak Hek ABMining
Alimak Hek has provided industrial elevators based on the rack & pinion drive technology to the mining industry for more than 40 years. In fact, the company has installed over 30,000 rack & pinion solutions for different industries world-wide, including many in mines. They have developed extensive engineering knowledge on a wide variety of industrial applications. Industrial elevators from Alimak Hek are designed to withstand the harsh environments and abrasive conditions in mines, providing safe, reliable vertical access, anytime and anywhere it is needed.

Underground and surface mining
The Alimak rack and pinion elevator is the perfect solution for both underground and surface mining industry applications, such as pelletising plants, smelters, concentrators, and other ore processing plants. Hundreds of Alimak elevators have been delivered to a variety of mine applications around the world. The deepest Alimak elevator goes 640 meters below ground at the Grasberg mine, Irian Jaya in Indonesia. It is also the highest situated Alimak elevator at an altitude of 4,100 meters. The deepest situated Alimak elevator is in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Canada, about 2,000 meters below ground level.

Shaft-less, machine-room-less
Alimak elevators have the drive unit placed on the roof of the elevator car and climbs on guide rails, which are anchored to the rock wall or structure with expansion bolts. The Alimak elevator can travel vertically as well as at an inclination or curve and the size and shape of the car can be adapted to the requirements of the site.

Rack & pinion pioneers
In 1962 Alimak Hek pioneered the rack and pinion drive system that, within a few years, helped establish the company as the world’s leading specialist in this technology. It was also Alimak Hek that invented the Raise Climber and the “Alimak Method” of raising in the mid 50’s.

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