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The Alimak Hek Group is the world’s leading supplier of mast climbing equipment with added value services for both temporary and permanent installations. They provide the most cost efficient, reliable, and flexible vertical access solutions for people and materials in the construction and general industry.

Alimak Hek ABAlimak Hek has been supplying elevators to the offshore industry since 1974 when it installed its first unit on an Aker H-3 design semi-submersible. Today more than 1000 elevators have been delivered into this special niche market. They are mostly installed on derricks, in hull columns, in living quarters, and outside platform modules. The elevators complement potentially hazardous stairways and ladder-ways to provide convenient access to pump and machine rooms and other process critical areas.

Advantages of Alimak rack and pinion elevators
•    Made for tough environments
•    No separate machine room
•    No pit or elevator-shaft needed
•    Easy to install to almost any structure
•    Can be installed on inclined and curved surfaces
•    Indoor or outdoor installation
•    Durable and easy to service and maintain

Advantages of Heis-Tek traction elevators
•    Individually tailored design for customer requirements
•    New installations and elevators modernisations
•    Modular design delivering a wide range of car sizes and capacities
•    Energy efficient machinery
•    Eco-efficiency
•    Superior ride comfort
•    Watertight elevator shaft

Explosion Protected Elevators
The Alimak and Heis-Tek passenger and goods elevator ranges for hazardous areas is mainly intended for the transportation of men and materials at service and inspection work.

Technical data:
•    Payload capacity: 450 kg – 10,000 kg
•    Travelling speed: 0.4m/s – 1.0m/s
•    Maximum lifting height: up to 80m (increased lifting height on request)
•    Protection class ATEX: Zone 1 or 2, Gas Group IIA or IIB, temperature class T1–T3(T4)
•    Protection class NEC: Class 1 Division 2, Gas group C or D, Temp. class T1-T3(T4)
•    Dust, NEC: Class 2, Division 2, Dust group F

Alimak Hek engineers have long and vast experience from projects with high demands and are able to handle special project through all stages. They are trained and organized to provide project plans and risk analyses, carry through approval and inspection procedures and deliver correct, complete documentation on time.

Worldwide Organization
Alimak and Heis-Tek elevators are provided through a worldwide network of Alimak Hek sales companies and distributors. Local service and support is provided in more than 50 countries around the world. This means easy access to support, spare parts and skilled service technicians at nearby locations.

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