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Since founded in 1988, AllMaritim AS has been engaging in sales and marketing of oil spill response and other environmental products to the maritime and industrial markets. Today, they have become one of the world’s leading suppliers in oil spill response and are recognized in more than 30 countries. AllMaritim AS is supported by two main manufacturers, NOFI Tromsoe AS and Noren Bergen AS, who produce a complete range of products from oil recovery systems to oil containment booms. Through continuous focus on development by both manufacturers, AllMaritim AS has managed to enhance technology and efficiency in oil spill operations to ensure that they can withstand even the most demanding weather conditions.

AllMaritim AS

NOFI Current Buster Technology
The latest development is the NOFI Current Buster Technology which is one of the world’s most efficient oil containment and recovery system, capable of holding and controlling oil in up to 5 knots towing speed without losing any of the contained oil. NOFI Current Buster Technology offers a wide series; ranging from NOFI Current Buster 2, 4, 6 to 8. These systems operate in shallow waters such as rivers, harbors and near coastal areas to open ocean areas, respectively. The NOFI Current Buster System is well suited for single-vessel operations when used along with the patented BoomVane otter board. The system is compact and can be stored on a reel or pallet.

NorMar Skimmer Series
In a similar manner, Noren has embarked the development of a reliable and economic offshore skimmer system which was introduced to the market in the mid-nineties, having a recovery capacity from 100m3/h to 350m3/h. One of the most advanced oil recovery systems available is the NorMar Offshore System Series from 200TI to 350TI, which include the integrated crane arm that handles the double barrel free-floating hose. These systems are able to recover various types of oil in demanding offshore conditions efficiently. The latest contribution to the NorMar Offshore System Series is the NorMar Multipurpose cassette system which handles all types of oil, light to heavy, in an efficient matter using either discs or soft shovel brushes.

The integration of the NOFI Offshore Booms and the NorMar Offshore Skimmer System is a result of a solid oil recovery package of high quality and complies with all major requirements. As one of the few international suppliers who are able to offer a similar response solution, AllMaritim AS takes a great pride in the performance and effectiveness of these products. With a highly dedicated and experienced sales team, and through creativity and innovation, their aim is to meet their clients demand in search for the best possible oil response solution.

AllMaritim AS
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