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AlminorAlminorIn the heart of southern Norway lies Telemark, known as the cradle of modern skiing, but also for its long tradition of craftsmanship and industry. In this beautiful, mountainous region you will find Alminor, manufacturer of durable, high quality products for hygienic storage.

The Alminor System 150/250 has become Norway’s and Sweden’s leading brand of hygienic storage, setting a high standard for these markets as well as other European countries. All based on tradition in craft and design combined with skills in precision Where even the wide standard range does not meet the demands of the customer, Alminor offers modified or custom made products.

The important details
The profiles and materials combined in our products have been carefully developed and manufactured to give the end user the high Alminor quality. Hygiene, strength, stability and safety in use are absolute conditions. The shelves have been developed to carry a high load with a minimum flex.

On the solid shelves, we use a higher gauge than is usual in comparable products on the market. This allows us to produce a solid shelf with single sides, avoiding the dirt-attracting double sides. The gable ends have solid, adjustable feet allowing adjustments up to 50 mm. The trolleys are fitted with stable, non-corrosive 125 mm castors to facilitate the passage over thresholds and uneven surfaces.

10 cm modular system
The 10 cm modular system makes it easy to calculate and fit the system into almost every space available with a high degree of accuracy. Note that all shelves are measured between hook centres, to give you a full lengths worth of shelving.

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