AlphaHelix Technologies AB

Development of direct “crude QPCR” instrument

AlphaHelix Technologies AB is working in two areas, the development of an instrument based on our patent and to become world leading on small QPCR/PCR set-up and general pipetting robots. Our patented technology for PCR/QPCR, Superconvection, allows for running samples with high volumes faster than other technologies. A newly filed patent will also allow for doing QPCR reading when running non purified samples. The future aim is to develop an instrument allowing running QPCR samples direct without purification steps.

AlphaHelix is also developing a new unit for QPCR/PCR set-up together with Addcare, the leading manufacturer of liquid handling robots in China. The instrument will be launched the first part of 2014. Our aim is to become market leader within the next 3–4 years. This will be accomplished by developing a unit with lower cost, simplified running and better performance than existing units.

“AlphaHelix is an exciting company that will combine development work based on our proprietary technology for running non-purified clinical QPCR samples with sales of QPCR set-up robots that pays for the development“

Mikael Havsjö, CEO

AlphaHelix Technologies AB
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