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Leveraging success in the Middle East 


The Middle East dominates the oil market and it is no exaggeration that the future of energy supply and demand is inextricably linked to those reserves. ALS Oil & Gas not only has a strong presence in the Middle East, but is progressing plans to consolidate and augment its services in the region.

Corpro has sites in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Kurdistan and Qatar and has notched up thousands of successful core runs in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company is the leading provider of reservoir coring services with a commitment to ongoing technological development, overcoming the toughest coring challenges.

One of its pioneering technologies, QuickCapture™, broke new ground earlier this year when the maiden outing of the 4” pressure coring system was successfully run offshore in the Middle East for the  first time, recovering 98% of the core, achieving excellent core recovery and safety whilst retaining all associated reservoir gases and liquids during transportation to the surface.

Omega Well Monitoring has bases in Dubai, Aberdeen, Calgary and Perth, Australia. The company has an international reputation for creating innovative products including memory and logging gauges as well as permanent monitoring systems for downhole applications as well as  fiber optic technology for pipeline surveillance.


PipeGuard, set to be rolled out into the Middle East, is a unique pipeline leak and third party intrusion (TPI) detection service and a recent addition to the portfolio. It delivers a complete service from design through project management and installation to infrastructure commissioning: the only one of its kind in North America. The technology is used to monitor integrity and TPI in real-time and check for leaks, as well as spot security threats to the pipeline and its perimeter.

The DTS, DAS and DSS  ber technology can be installed on existing or new infrastructure and easily detects minute changes in ambient temperature, acoustic profiles or strain.

Wellvention already had bases in the UK, Holland, Canada and the US when it announced major expansion plans in the Middle East with a new Saudi operation in 2012. Now, the company is progressing its plans to service other countries in the region such as Kuwait and Qatar. The experienced team delivers bespoke design, expert  field supervision and project management services, as well as the renting and servicing of tools for all types of well intervention.

The specialist equipment, which has a strong track record in the Middle East, supports all types of thru-tubing activities including  fishing, milling and cutting as well as cleaning and debris removal.

ALS Oil & Gas is playing a key role helping customers realise the potential from their reservoirs, regardless of the complexities.

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