Alvenius steel pipe systems for miningAlvenius® was established in Eskilstuna in 1951. Soon the company started to manufacture  steel pipe systems for international mining companies and construction projects around the world.

Marketing segments
Alvenius® has five defined market segments. Fire Protection, Industry, Mining & Tunneling, Snowmaking, and General. All areas have their own needs and demands. With that in mind we have used our unique product advantages and created concepts optimised for each application.

Spirally welded steel pipes
The pipes are spirally welded from certified pressure vessel carbon steel. This makes it possible to reduce the wall thickness of the pipes, whilst still maintaining excellent performance in terms of rated working pressure. The result is a low weight pipe for high pressures up to 80 bar (1160 psi). The welding method is Submerged Arc Welding, SAW. The welded seam is smooth, flat and does usually not exceed 2.5 mm (0.1”) in height. Alvenius® spirally welded steel pipes are manufactured in Ø 76–508 mm (3–20”). Wall thickness ranging from 2.0 mm to 8.0 mm (0.08–0.31”). Special dimensions are available on request. Our pipes in diameter O48 and O60 are not spirally welded.

Quality management system
Our dedication to quality in the products and services we supply goes all the way back to the origin of the company. Since 1997 the Quality Management System has been certified according to ISO 9001. The Alvenius® standard product range is approved according to PED 97/23/EC, the Pressure Equipment Directive. +This means that Lloyds Register has examined and scrutinized our design, drawings, choice of material and calculations. The manufacturing process has been studied and examined in terms of methods and competence of the staff.

Two pipe systems
K 10. Alvenius® system K10 is a shouldered system based on the metric standard, Ø 48–254 mm (2–10”). Designed for pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi). VICTAULIC. Alvenius® system Victaulic is a grooved system based on the ISO standard, Ø 60–508 mm (2.5–20”). Standard design for pressures up to 80 bar (1160 psi). The pipes are available either roll grooved or equipped with cut grooved machined rings welded to the pipe ends.

Quick couplings with self-sealing gaskets
The coupling locks into the groove or the shoulder at the pipe ends so that the connected pipe can withstand considerable axial forces. Self-sealing design of the gasket makes the coupling suitable for low as well as high pressures.

Alvenius® Outstanding Pipe Performance
Alvenius® uses Swedish high quality steel in the pipes. This means that we can produce high quality pipes with thinner walls and still deliver high performance pipes. The result is lighter pipes and costsavings in transportation and installation. Our customers benefit from pipes with a larger inner diameter and extraordinary performance compared to most of the competing pipes in the market. The large inner diameter pared with a low friction coefficient results in a very low pressure drop.

Pipe Distance
If you require a end pressure at 4 bar and have Pump pressure of 12,5 bar, and use Alvenius® pipes, you will reach 500 m. The flow rate is 3,62 m/s. If you use a PEM pipe you will only reach 280 meters and a flow rate at 5,28 m/s.

Pump size
If you need to pump 1,5m3/min for a distance of 500 meters you will need a 100kW pump with a Ø 90 mm PEM pipe system. But if you insted use a Ø 89 mm Alvenius® pipe system you will only need a 72 kW pump to reach the same distance. The pressuredrop in the PEM pipes is 19,5 bar compared to a pressuredrop of only 9,5 bar with the Alvenius pipes. The difference in pressure corresponds to a pump power of 28 kW at 85% efficiency. At 100% efficiency, the difference is 24 kW.

Save the environment and reduce your transport costs with Alvenius® pipes.
The low weight of Alvenius® pipes is one of the advantages when it comes to installation, but it is also signifi cant when calculating the freight costs and maximum quantity on each trailer.

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