– Fighting Neurodegenerative Disorders

AlzeCure is a hands-on non-profit research foundation developing new therapies, diagnostics and medical technologies for the benefit of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

AlzeCure is funded by donations and grants, providing long-term stability for continuous evaluation of novel concepts from academic research. The integration of clinical expertise enables the development of novel concept testing approaches and that novel treatment paradigms can be tested in a clinical setting at a very early stage.

Promising projects are spun-out as commercial entities, allowing external partners and investors to buy-in, contribute and collaborate.

AlzeCure has several key projects within two defined strategic drug discovery platforms:
    •    Building the brain – helping the damaged brain to recover from injury
    •    Clearing the brain – removing the misfolded proteins that are common denominators of neurodegenerative disorders

AlzeCure is developing an innovative biosensor technology to enable local determination of biomarkers levels with high resolution in various tissue fluids for use in multiple indications.

We are interested in:
    •    Donations to AlzeCure Foundation: help us to deliver new effective treatments to the patients!
    •    Collaborations with academic scientists as well as biotech-, pharma- and med tech companies: join us in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases!
    •    Investments in our projects: share risks and upsides with us!




The battle of Alzheimer´s Disease – the beginning of the future Unleashing the potential of academic discoveries

Johan Lundkvist, Magnus M. Halldin, Johan Sandin, Gunnar Nordvall, Pontus Forsell, Samuel Svensson, Liselotte Jansson, Gunilla Johansson, Bengt Winblad and Jonas Ekstrand.

Frontiers in Pharmacology 2014m 5:102


For enquires and further information, please contact Dr. Jonas Ekstrand, CEO AlzeCure
Phone: +46 70 302 0896

Visit: AlzeCure Foundation, Karolinska institutet Science Park, Hälsovägen 7, S-141 57 Huddinge, Sweden

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