Alzinova AB is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and preclinical development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) therapeutics.

AD is one of the areas with the greatest unmet need in medicine. With over 22 million people afflicted, the health care sector is burdened with $464 billion / year in costs world wide. Recent research estimates that it is the third major underlying cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Any product that works will make an impact — on patients, payers, and healthcare systems.

Alzinova’s therapeutics target the very root of AD: the soluble aggregates of the peptide amyloid-β. This toxic substance forms in the brain of AD patients, and is the primary synapse-damaging agent. Damage to the synapses not only cause memory dysfunction, but also appear to initiate the neurodegenerative process which ultimately kills the patient. Targeting this toxic form of amyloid-β with therapeutics has historically been extremely challenging. It is a lot like targeting a “needle in a haystack” as other forms of the same peptide dominate within the brain.

Our proprietary technology, AβCC, enables us to pioneer the development of therapeutics specifically targeting the toxic aggregates. Effect studies of Alzinova’s preclinical therapeutic vaccine ALZ-101 in animal models indeed demonstrate specific engagement of the target within the brain, offering direct synapse protection without affecting any other forms of amyloid-β whatsoever. The vaccine thus has the potential to stop disease progression while offering immediate symptomatic relief. The ALZ-101 vaccine’s advantages — unprecedented target engagement, high stability, and low production cost — make it a strong competitor to current standards of AD care, and is likely to also fare well in competition with other pipeline products currently under development for future care.

Alzinova can also offer the unique AβCC technology under license to other pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. The technology provides non-fibrillogenic amyloid-β peptides that are very powerful tools in AD drug development activities, including the analysis of existing compounds and antibodies as well as in the screening for new ones. As an example, Alzinova successfully developed the antibody ALZ-201 which enables direct detection of the elusive “needle in the haystack” without cross-reacting with other forms of amyloid-β. Analytical structural-functional studies are also greatly facilitated using the AβCC technology and, furthermore, when used as reference compounds these stable aggregates allow for accurate quantitative analysis of disease-driving aggregates for diagnostic purposes.



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