AMATEC AS was founded in 1984. From the start we have been working closely with companies that produce and repair cages, purseines and trawls. This cooperation, our long experience in the market and our highly skilled technicians has helped us succeed in developing a wide range of machines of high quality and for efficient production. We construct and build the machines in Norway, and they are exported to countries all over the world. We also offer training, spare parts and accessories.


amatecAMANET AM402 This is a highly efficiently machine for joining nets. The
3-thread joining is very well suited for this operation and provides a safe seam
with good strength and elasticity.






AMAROPE AM302P is the strongest and most efficient machine for joining up
to 24mm rope to net, or by joining different types of nets with a solid binding
of 3 thick threads. Perfect for production and repair of most types of cages,
purseines and trawls. It is very easy to operate and adjust into different materials
by the operator.








AMANET AM451P is especially developed for joining and lacing nets and it
gives a very elastic seam. This allows you to make the correct shape of the
purseine without damaging of the nets, and no shrink in the seam. It can join
knotted and knotless nets in all common sizes. It is equipped with a very powerful
puller feed. The stitch is a solid 3-binding and very thick thread can be used.





Amatacker AM104 is the new generation gill net machine especially developed
to be able to sew twisted and braided floating ropes up to 21 mm diameter,
and lead-ropes.
It is a high speed, single needle machine with 2-thread lockstitch, and it has
automatic thread-cutter and presser-foot lift. This electronic CNC machine
stores many sewing patterns for different ropes and materials.

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