Get the best from your cell lines for your protein production!Amplycell1

AmplyCell offers diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, CMOs and Research Centres to produce proteins quicker and cheaper thanks to a unique service which is called « Cellular Fitness ». It is based on a combination of methods and technologies that have been specially designed to stimulate hybridomas (mice, sheep and human) and CHO cell lines, making them up to  10 times more stable, productive and profitable.

Whatever the clone productivity may be (poor or correct), AmplyCell proposes a free calculation simulation in order for you to optimize your Cost of Goods, to save money and avoid costly investments. Good cells that are required to produce large protein quantities can also be valued.

The use of our cellular fitness is easy and takes place in all required confidentiality.  You send your cell lines to AmplyCell who will apply treatments in four phases: Diagnostic, Boost, Recovery, Studies. About six weeks later you get back the five best superproducing clones. Those produce the same structural antibodies as original cells, into the same media, which allows keeping your projects on track!

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