Amra1We are paving the way for the future of healthcare by providing precision for vital decisions.

Vital medical decisions are made every day using rough estimates of our body mass, such as BMI or waist circumference, which give no information about metabolic status or individual risk. This problem is acknowledged in the research and health care communities, but such measures are still used for risk assessment and inclusion criteria for medical treatments and clinical studies. This leads to sub-optimal decisions, obscured drug effects, elevated patient risk, and higher health care costs. To make accurate decisions, we need precise and individualized body composition measurements.

We believe in changing the game. AMRA has developed the ”BCP,” Body Composition Profile, a set of reliable, precise, MRI-based body composition measurements. We begin publishing our protocols online for widespread use by the research community and, through collaboration with the world’s leaders in medicine, we are establishing a database of normal values. Our mission is to confront our global health challenges by establishing the foundation for body composition measurements and providing the knowledge to predict and prevent diseases.

The BCP, Body Composition Profile, is a tool to determine the metabolic status of a research subject or patient. The long-term goal is that every individual will use BCP to evaluate their own health and risks. To learn more about the BCP or to discuss potential collaborations, please contact

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