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Anolytech disinfection system

Anolytech Disinfection System –
Revolutionary technology for efficient and eco-friendly disinfection.

Anolytech AB specialises in equipment and applications for the production and distribution of a highly eco-friendly and efficient disinfectant – Anolyte PC™. The only constituent ingredients are electricity, salt, and water. It contains no environmentally harmful, aggressive or corrosive substances. After use, once Anolyte-PC™ has been exhausted, it returns to its constituent ingredients of salt and water.
Anolyte-PC™ is approved by the EU for the disinfection of drinking water, in veterinary medicine, and in the processing of food products. Anolyte-PC™ may be used in the production of organic products.

System Approach
What has made Anolytech AB so successful is our developed technology and our system approach to production and applications for efficient disinfection – Anolytech Disinfection System™. It can be used with animals, in industry, in the food industry, in brewing, in fish farming, etc.

Hypochlorous Acid – An Efficient Disinfectant
The antibacterial substance in Anolyte-PC™ is hypochlorous acid (HClO), a substance that humans have naturally in their bodies. Hypochlorous acid is formed in the white blood cells and is effective at fighting bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms when we are ill.

It breaks down the cell structure of the microorganisms in a physical way meaning that no viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms are ever able to become resistant.
Our very precise control system, Anolytech Process Control™, optimises the supply of the hypochlorous acid and makes it safe to use in highly sensitive areas of application.

Large Gains
By using Anolytech’s disinfection technology, the use of poisonous and environmentally harmful chemicals is reduced, benefiting humans, animals, and the environment. Even the need for antibiotics is reduced. Considering the current problems with resistant bacteria, using Anolyte-PC™ is a major step forward. There are even significant gains to be made economically through a reduction in the use of expensive chemicals and improved production. Serving as confirmation of our successful concept, Anolytech AB was named “Environmental Technology Company of the Year 2012” and was also nominated as one of Sweden’s most promising young technology companies of 2013.

Anolytech AB is based in Ystad and works with an international network of agents and distributors.

Anolytech AB
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