APL contributes to pharmaceutical products that improve and save lives. APL is one of the leading manufacturers of special pharmaceuticals in Europe. We are the leading contract manufacturer in life science in Scandinavia and an established partner to pharmacies for services and products. With our 450 employees and four production plants, we have resources for developing, analysing and producing drugs.


APL in brief
APL is Scandinavia’s most complete contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals (CDMO). We provide expertise and services in product development of pharmaceutical drugs, supporting clients throughout the development process – from idea to commercial production of finished product.

APL also develops and manufactures special pharmaceuticals for medical needs that are not covered by the pharmaceutical industry. These pharmaceuticals are customized to each  patient’s specific needs. The drugs are distributed through all pharmacies in Sweden.

Many companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry use APL as a partner for contract development and manufacturing  of pharmaceuticals. Clients range from major global pharmaceutical companies to biotech and start-up companies. A second client group is found in the health care sector, caring for patients with special needs. Special pharmaceuticals developed for these patients by APL cover several areas, such as pain, dental care, skin and gastrointestinal disorders. A third client group consists of pharmacies in Sweden, which use APL’s services for quality review of products, dosage devices and pharmaceutical devices.

Production facilities
APL has more than 30 years experience of the industry. We have four modern production facilities (in Umeå, Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö) that meet GMP requirements, each with a local control laboratory. The company is headquarted in Stockholm.

Facts about APL
• An annual turnover of more than 500 MSEK
• 450 employees
• Over 30 years experience of manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs
• Manufacturer of 350 special pharmaceuticals used by the health care
• More than 200 clients in the pharmaceutical industry
• Clients include a wide range of companies – from global pharmaceutical companies to established biotech and expanding start-up companies

Prismavägen 2, SE-141 75 Kungens Kurva
+46 40 447 96 00