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All mechanical systems with moving parts suffer from friction losses. As the parts move they are also gradually worn, which limits the life span of the product. In cars and trucks alone about 15% of the fuel goes to waste due to friction in the engine and power train. Applied Nano Surfaces has identified great opportunities on how to address and work proactively towards the negative effect friction has on mechanical systems. Therefore, ANS has developed a new and unique surface treatment method that reduces friction with up to 70%, improves oil film strength and reduces wear with up to 20 times.

Friction and wear is estimated to cost the society an astronomical 1-2% of GDP each year. For the customer, this means higher life cycle costs as energy is wasted and parts have to be replaced.

The most common solution is known as thin surface coatings, if given the right properties, have the ability to reduce friction and wear in the mechanical system. However, production of such coatings has so far been very costly and demanding. Conventional coating methods include plasmas, vacuums, complex equipment and batch processes. This has lead to high unit costs and long lead times.

ANS new coating technology changes all that!

Our coating process is cost effective and unique in its simplicity. A tool is pressed in a sliding motion against the component in the presence of a special process fluid. This triggers a tribo-reaction that gradually deposits a low friction nano-composite coating on the surface.

The ANS process is fast, cost efficient and leads to excellent friction and wear reductionThe ANS patented method can thus be used as an integrated step of the manufacturing process, using existing machines such as turning, honing, milling or grinding. This versatility enables coating of components for a wide range of applications such as engines, generators, hydraulic systems, compressors, pumps, transmissions etc.

In those application areas where friction-related energy losses are critical, the ANS technology can help you improve energy efficiency and prolonging of the service intervals for your product, by reducing friction losses and reduce wear. All this at a fraction of the cost of conventional coatings.

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