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Aquateam COWI is a leading consulting company with a highly qualified and motivated team providing independent and multidisciplinary expertise in the development of environmental technology.

Our Services
• Pre-feasibility and conceptual studies
• Applied research studies
• Process design
• Plant operation, training and troubleshooting
• Testing and documentation of products and processes at bench, pilot and full scale
• Environmental surveillance
• Environmental risk assessment

Water is a valuable resource in the petroleum industry. From injection water for pressure support to produced water for discharge or re-injection (PWRI), there are unique challenges. Reservoir souring, sustaining injectivity, biofouling as well as identification and verification of suitable technologies to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations are just a few examples of challenges to be encountered in the industry. Water management is often a key to efficient oil production. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of water handling for the petroleum industry, Aquateam COWI is able to support development or identify available compact and holisitic solutions to current and future challenges through our multidisciplinary group of experts.

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aquateam cowi

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