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arctic goldArctic Gold will restart mining from the
Bidjovagge gold copper field in Norway


Arctic Gold has explored and evaluated the mineral resources in the Bidjovagge ore field since 2010. The latest resource estimation shows 2.3 million tons indicated resource with 1.62 g/t gold and 1.08 % copper which corresponds to around 3,800 kg of gold and 25,000 tons of copper. The company was granted “utvinningsrett” for the ore field by the Mining Inspector and has continued to plan for mining.

The Norwegian government recently launched a new mineral strategy where they whishes Norway to be an attractive country for mineral activity. Norway already has a lot of Industrial Mineral production but the metal mining has been low for the past 20 years, partly due to the expansive oil business. Norway likes to be part of the industrial world and take care of its natural resources in an environmental and human justifiable way. Arctic Gold believes in a new era for several metal mines in northern Norway and therefor invests a lot in good public relations with the locals. New jobs in areas with high unemployment and possibilities for an expansive population is part of the positive factors the mining industry can provide the community with.

Bidjovagge ore field has been in production twice before during 70´s and 80´s with very good profit from gold and copper. Arctic Gold believes in a good potential for finding more resources and to have the permits granted for a coming production of gold and copper.

Arctic Gold has beside of the Norwegian project also several prospects for gold in northern Sweden. Those will be further explored before decision is taken if they are good enough or has to be relinquished.

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