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ArcticZymes AS is a highly specialized manufacturer of unique cold adapted and heat-labile enzymes for gene technology applications. The vast majority of the products are sold internationally and the customers are among the largest biotech companies worldwide, as well as a growing group of direct end-users. Our products offers unique features well aligned with a growing market need for better sensitivity and reproducibility in molecular research and diagnostics. ArcticZymes is very profitable and rapidly expanding both product portfolio and sales.


ArcticZymes aim at developing enzyme products that offers significant improvements to the customers by simplifying workflow and increasing quality of our customer’s research. All our products have an Arctic origin, and are produced recombinant to ensure reproducible quality and sustainable production. ArcticZymes aim to offering the best possible service to support the customers and takes great pride in understanding our customers’ needs.

The customers are virtually all large international manufacturers of solutions for molecular methods, and with a larger product portfolio we see the customer base expanding very rapidly into large core labs and individual accounts. Because our products enable increased sensitivity of molecular methods, they might be especially useful for molecular diagnostics, forensics, foodand feed analysis, and other analysis that require sensitivity and accuracy.

Products of Arctic origin
Our current products have their origin from Arctic Shrimp, Atlantic Cod or marine bacteria. All products are recombinantly produced, typically active at low temperatures, and inactivates irreversibly at relatively low temperatures (50-65°C). After the enzyme(s) have done its job the temperature can be increased to inactivate the enzyme without the need for extractions, with no risk of losing precious samples or disturbing the process.

Unique research base
ArcticZymes’ products have been developed through an active participation in a number of different bioprospecting programs and research projects with public research institutions in Tromsø. To facilitate the development of a pipeline of innovative products, we are currently active in several programs at the University of Tromsø. In addition we also cooperate with research institutions internationally. From these academic collaborations we obtain a steady stream of products candidates.

Our in-house researchers are dedicated to developing the most promising candidates into products, by finding the safest and most reliable production method for each individual product, and to do extensive research on applications of the products.

SAP – The gold standard
Our very first product – Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase – is the gold standard alkaline phosphatase in the market with unprecedented activity and a unique irreversible heat-inactivation feature. The product is sold on the world market through an exclusive arrangement with Affymetrix.

All other products are sold directly by ArcticZymes and our distributors.

ArcticZymes AS
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