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Argo Flare Services

The flare inspection, design and refurbishment specialists
Working directly with the major offshore oil and gas operators and contractors throughout the North Sea and further afield, Argo Flare Services supports project, operations and integrity teams with flare equipment supply and inspection services regardless of the original flare vendor.

Flare Inspection
Flare inspections are usually undertaken 6-12 months ahead of a scheduled shutdown and can be undertaken with the flare ‘live’ by means of an aerial photographic survey through Argo Flare Services. The resulting high resolution images are analysed by our experienced engineers and compiled in a detailed condition report. Armed with the report, the operator is then able to plan effectively for any necessary replacement parts, repairs or maintenance.

Flare Tip Design & Upgrades
Having undertaken countless offshore and workshop inspections of flare tips of all types, materials and designs, Argo Flare Services has an extensive knowledge of flare failure modes and is uniquely placed in being able to use this expertise in the design and supply of new and replacement pipe, multipoint and Coanda flare tips. All new flares designed and supplied by Argo (as with our refurbishments) incorporate life enhancing improvements which serve to extend the operating time between costly flare change-out activities.

Flare Refurbishments
Argo Flare Services have introduced a number of major offshore operators to the benefits of flare tip refurbishments. Find out how you too can benefit by contacting us.

Ignition Systems
Typically packaged together with the flare tip, Argo Flare Services also offer flare ignition systems that are tailored to suit the individual requirements of the platform.

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