ARTES Biotechnology

Artes1ARTES Biotechnology is a globally active R&D company, specialized in developing biopharmaceutical production processes.

Since 2002, ARTES has positioned itself as a valued partner for the pharmaceutical industry with several technology transfers successfully implemented worldwide at our partners´ sites.

Today, ARTES is a strong, well-established partner for the development of customer driven projects up to supply of pre-clinical material. In addition, we are developing own VLP based vaccine candidates up to proof-of-concept in animals. ARTES is actively looking for partnerships to identify and to create new opportunities, especially in vaccine research as well as for out-licensing its own developments.



Process development and Technology Transfer
Biopharmaceutical process development at ARTES typically starts with the generation of high yield production cell lines based on our proprietary microbial expression platforms Hansenula polymorpha and E. coli.

Up- and downstream process development is performed at lab and pilot scale. Fermentation processes are designed to ensure low-cost manufacturing with optimal productivity from fully synthetic media, avoiding expensive additives and extended fermentation times.

The purification process of the product aims at high titers of purified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Gram amounts of highly purified API for pre-clinical testing can be delivered from ARTES´ pilot plant.

By providing the full set of the documentation of biopharmaceutical process development and of the manufacturing of the pre-clinical material, ARTES ensures the smooth and direct transfer into large scale cGMP manufacturing. Arms-length assistance is available for the transfer of the process to the CMO or client´s plant.

ARTES has developed biopharmaceutical processes available for out-licensing, including bio-similar therapeutics such as interferon-alpha and hirudin, as well as vaccines such as HepB and continues to expand this portfolio.

Vaccine development platform (METAVAX® Technology)
New vaccine candidates are developed based on our chimeric duckHepB virus like particle platform METAVAX®. This technology platform is best suited for the development of highly immunogenic vaccines in human and animal health.

Vaccines build on our METAVAX® Technology and manufactured in the WHO recommended, stable yeast platform Hansenula polymorpha build an economical approach to low-cost mass production of safe, effective and self-adjuvanting vaccines. We obtain chimeric VLPs using stable co-expression of multiple different genes in one and the same production cell line.

Currently, our METAVAX® Technology is applied in several client projects and in own developments of adjuvant-free vaccines. Internal R&D at ARTES focuses at present on veterinary (Classical Swine Fever, Bovine Viral Diarrhoe, West Nile Virus, Feline Leukemia Virus) and human vaccines (Malaria, Hepatitis C, Flu).

Partnerships and networking
ARTES builds alliances with well renowned academic institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world. We are involved in funded R&D projects (EuroTransBio, PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative), collaborative research and in contract R&D projects.

Our key expertise is on development candidates and production processes based on yeast for recombinant sub-unit vaccines presented as highly immunogenic virus-like-particles. The METAVAX® Technology is a highly competitive platform for the development of vaccines for both human and veterinary applications.

Together with a network of collaboration partner (e.g. the Australian Burnet Institute, amatsiQBiologicals) ARTES offers the full range of competencies from cell line and process development, manufacturing and testing of pre-clinical samples and up-scaling/cGMP manufacturing.

ARTES is open to discuss individual business models, including fee-for-service contract R&D, milestone based collaboration (shared risk/shared benefit) and co-development.



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