Asiros A/S

Asiros A/S 

Asiros A/S from Denmark has found an important key to fight life style diseases


The global community is facing a serious challenge with the growing burden of lifestyle-related health problems like obesity, cardiovascular conditions and pre-diabetes. This has created a huge market for foods that can help the consumer counterbalance these problems for a better health.

Asiros A/S A new generation of innovative food ingredients
Based on years of research, Asiros A/S is proud to present an entirely new generation of plant-derived food ingredients with great innovative power and a main focus on fighting lifestyle-related health problems at the root.

Asiros incorporates the newest knowledge of molecular physiological targets and nutritional genomics in the creation of cutting-edge bioactive food ingredients. Asiros’ food ingredients offer a unique opportunity for finished food or beverage manufacturers aiming at the growing disease prevention and health maintenance segment of the food industry.

The exploration of bioactive secondary metabolites Secondary metabolites in plants are small molecules with other functions than structural properties. Many such metabolites have already been proved to possess valuable bioactivity in relation to human physiology. It is estimated that less than 5 % have been researched so far.

Therefore, such compounds derived from plants are still a hugely unexplored treasure chest of potentially ingenuous solutions to physiological problems.

Asiros A/S has made it a primary goal to become a world leader in the exploration and utility of secondary metabolites from edible plants for the benefit of human health.

Unlocking the secret of healthy foods
Asiros A/S has succeeded in unlocking secrets of how different components of fruits and vegetables make an important contribution to our health. These discoveries are based on the use of the most advanced scientific tools in the fields of extraction technology, analytical chemistry and biochemical bioactivity measurement.

This scientific health detective work is carried out as a combination of analytical and experimental work at Asiros’ laboratories situated in the Medicon Valley of Greater Copenhagen and at a strong network of collaborating laboratories and academic partners.

Co-operation with Asiros A/S
Asiros A/S has formulated its ingredients specifically for the easy incorporation in various finished products in the nutritional, food and beverage industries.

Interested finished products manufacturers in these industries can contact Asiros A/S for more information by e-mail to or by telephone: +45 4444 6900. Web:

Asiros A/S

Asiros A/S
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