AZ BioVentureHub – access to big pharma capabilities the biotech way

AZ BioVentureHub in Mölndal is AstraZeneca’s contribution to a more dynamic and competitive life science ecosystem in Scandinavia. At the Mölndal R&D site, AstraZeneca has opened up offices, laboratory space and facilities to academic groups and small biotech companies that could benefit from AZ corporate R&D infrastructure and R&D competence. The focus is high calibre academic groups active in areas that are aligned to the AstraZeneca strategy, and biotech companies that could gain competitive advantage by tapping into AstraZeneca infrastructure.

There is a huge value base within the pharmaceutical industry and AZ BioVentureHub introduces novel mechanisms for its utilisation. The AZ BioVentureHub business model enables true win-win constructions and provides a fully functional approach to Open Innovation. The concept is further strengthened by strategic partnerships established with Gothia Forum and SP Technical Institute of Sweden. As such, BioVentureHub is not only about providing access to industry expertise, it s also a mechanism for accessing the clinical expertise that resides within Gothia Forum and access to a wide set of capabilities residing within SP. AZ BioVentureHub represents a new type of Private Public Partnership that provides access to a greater ecosystem and represents a full stop shop for the biotech community targeting early development. AZ BioVentureHub is funded by AstraZeneca AB, VINNOVA, VGR, Göteborg Stad and Carl Bennet AB.

State of the art facilities, capabilities & expertise
The AZ BioVentureHub primarily turns to small and medium sized biotech companies that face the transition of going from a research company into a company that focus on developing a new pharmaceutical product. In addition, BioVentureHub welcomes companies active in the MedTech area and also companies targeting e-health. We aim to build an environment that will allow for increased vertical interaction between these three sectors. Companies in BioVentureHub operate entirely independently and AstraZeneca holds no rights any aspect.

There is a number of co-operation principles based on the tenant’s need. Whether it is office and laboratories or more advanced services, such as use of the AstraZeneca bulk chemical delivery system, the AZ BioVentureHub could be a suitable option. When feasible, BioVentureHub also provides for deeper and more long term commitment, including access to AZ expertise on a more substantial level, e.g. CMC consultation, and access to AZ assets such as compounds and platforms for lead identification.

Fast facts

•    Located at the AstraZeneca R&D site in Mölndal, inaugurated in February 2015.
•    Founded to utilise the AstraZeneca resources and capacity in a new way at lowered investment risk and to expose AstraZeneca to innovation and expertise.
•    For biotech companies and academic groups to tap into big pharma “know-how” – with tailored solutions to meet their different needs.
•    Approximately 2.800 square meters of space, lab and office.
•    For availability, please contact Magnus Björsne


SE- 431 83 Mölndal, Sweden
+46 (0)31 776 10 00