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Merkantildata, Atea’s original name, was established in 1968. Today Atea focuses on IT infrastructure. The company has grown with a balanced combination of mergers and acquisitions, making it the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure, and the second largest integrator in Europe.

Today Atea has approximately 6500 employees in the Nordic and Baltic regions with offices in 84 locations. With over 1600 employees in Norway, the company has formed a culture that focuses on expanding and developing expertise within IT infrastructure and system integration.

Atea’s greatest asset is people. We are proud to offer the highest level of expertise and certifications through our solution architects, sales professionals and consultants. Expertise combined with unmatched geographical coverage in 25 cities in Norway gives us a reach that is second to none. The company has 23,5 % market share in Norway divided by services, software and hardware.

We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. However, we are not satisfi ed. Atea strives to expand and do more. We specialize in IT infrastructure and want to use our expertise to shape an even better Norway. In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we develop solutions that our next generation can be proud of. Atea’s strategic focus is to grow organically faster than the market and continue to be a disciplined buyer. We will focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction, and through this increase our result faster than the revenue.


VISION: “The Place to Be”
Atea’s vision was created by our own employees as well as with our partners. Our continued investment in our employees with every event building on The Place to Be, differentiates us from all others. Our vision unites us and gives us the energy needed to excel in our jobs while enjoying what we do.

Our vision reflects our main forums, which are;
• Atea Community, the largest IT roadshow in Norway, which runs from September to November each year
• Next Step, two focused sales days once a quarter for all 25 cities in Norway
• Camp V, recurring sales training for 200 Account Managers
• Junior Camp, a forum that includes the children of our employees with activities within IT, sports, arts and building our collective culture stronger
• TechnoCamp, recurring technical training for our technicians and consultants.
• Corporate Kick-off, annual meeting place and kick-off for all of our employees and business partners

One of Atea’s focus areas is Collaboration, the fastest growing area within the IT market today. We believe this fast emerging area will have a strong influence on both employees and individuals as the lines between personal and work environments are moving closer each day. Collaboration for most organizations means the sum of people, work processes, and technology, as well as the benefi ts realized as a result.

Atea delivers collaboration technology that supports our customers’ business priorities, thus enabling new business capabilities and more efficient business processes, through the introduction of new IT solutions.

We assist our customers in the process of developing state of the art collaboration solutions based on sound business cases. Furthermore, we assist our customers not only in building these solutions, but in the process of ensuring that the benefi ts from the business cases are realized accordingly.



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