Atertek Srl

Atertek is a leading R&D organization designed to foster and deliver innovation capabilities



The goal

The  main goal of the Atertek is to provide:

  • Research and development; outsourcing activities in the field of raw materials, their relative relation start up, finished product designs and their associated manufacturing and converting processes.
  • An effective technical and managerial support to all companies determined to improve their technical, scientific and productive knowledge in the world of disposable products for the personal and protection care as well as medical care.

The constant desire to be leader, pushes Atertek ahead to find technological solutions beyond innovation to ensure better quality, uniqueness, maximal flexibility and increased production speed.

The Atertek intent is to have a fully committed team to solve and support companies needs via an innovative R&D approach, guaranteed also by connections with major universities and e-international research teams. It exists to support and help your organization in providing tailor made services to companies seeking to build tomorrow’s technologies and products always in consideration of:

  • Innovation
  • Cost opportunity
  • Performance
  • Sustainability


The Research & Development, especially if carried out in a short lead times is of vital importance for the processes of innovation. All new ideas are processed, developed in the application context  and finally verified (both from the point of view of “consumer experience” as  well as financially).

Ideas such as this become tangible assets necessary to improve the life of consumers.

Atertek is your ideal partner because it finalizes the work on the development of “know-how” and is mainly specialized in the field of disposable products and / or consumer goods.




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